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Rubber Extrusion
Name:L shaped (Details)
No:From tubing to clip-on seals, S.Y.L can provide access to a wide variety of rubber extrusions, including custom extruded profiles in continuous lengths or cut to length, and intricate profile shapes. Color matching services are available. S.Y.L extruded products come in a wide variety of compounds, including:

• Butyl Rubber
• EPDM, dense and sponge rubber
• Fluoroelastomer/FKM
• Neoprene, dense and sponge rubber
• Nitrile
• Polyisoprene
• Silicone, dense and sponge rubber
• PVC-dual durometer

If you do not find the rubber extrusion profile you are interested in on this page please send us the email. We will search our extrusion tooling archive and we will forward a quote.. we can also provide custom extruded rubber shapes..


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